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A love-story told across the magical and perilous landscape of the ocean.

When a riptide separates the newly enamored Captain Curiosity and Melina the Mermaid, each bravely sets off to find their special someone. Along their travels, they meet a friendly coral, a mischievous ocean current conductor, a hungry angler fish and more! 

Carl the Coral

A friendly coral explains "coral goo",

the nutritious liquid that supports all fish and plant life on coral reefs.

—Pngtree—submarine coral coral reef seaside_3955485.png

the Mermaid

Melina has an accidental slip of the tongue when she just misses Captain Curiosity at the coral reefs.


Angler Fish

In the ocean depths, the kids run into a fish who feels misunderstood because of his big teeth.

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