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Meet Captain Curiosity

Richie Whitehead (Captain Curiosity) is an actor, clown and teacher who finds great pleasure in combining his love for playful, engaging performance with his passion for education.

He has worked for the French Ministry of Education to create and perform The Emotions Show (2019), a show about accepting emotions that teaches students basic English, throughout the Paris suburbs.

He has collaborated with educational children’s theatre company WOW O’Clock as director and co-writer of the online Professor Universe Show (2020) and The Great Chicken Melodrama (2021). For the past two years, Richie has created and performed shows about the magic of the ocean, Into the Deep (2022), and the battles of the immune system, All Inside This Together (2023), with his silly science persona Captain Curiosity to overwhelming enthusiastic reception. He looks forward to another fantastic summer tour of sharing science and laughter with kids and communities!

He holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science, Minor in Theatre from Brown University, and a Master's in Theatre and Clown from the international theatre school Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France.

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