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Our New Show for
Summer 2024! 

A sci-fi adventure through outer space about what makes each of us unique. 

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After running away from his home planet and its art-obsessed culture, Captain Curiosity finds himself stranded in space with a severely damage ship! He bravely sets off into the unknown to find a way to fix it.


Venturing through space, Captain Curiosity makes some galactic friends along the way– a romantic-minded star, a super-speedy particle of light, a melancholic black hole and an enthusiastic alien! Life is quite exciting in this new place, but Captain Curiosity has to fix his ship and return to his planet, even if he never really felt at home there… However, as he explores the wonders of space and the fascinating science behind it all, Captain Curiosity begins to discover his true passion might be something he never expected.

In this sci-fi coming-of-age adventure, every scientific concept is conveyed through fun, play, and audience participation. Kids will learn the science of stars, black holes, orbits, the speed of light and much more— all while laughing with a cast of kooky characters. They will also help Captain Curiosity embrace his passion and learn to appreciate the interests of others too.


Captain Curiosity teaches kids science while keeping them engaged and having fun, so travel to a galaxy of out-of-this-world entertainment and bring Captain Curiosity: Found in the Stars to your community!

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